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is tap water healthy for you

is tap water healthy for you

Is tap water healthy for you? That question has been on the minds an lips of more and more people who are generally concerned about the toxic state of their tap water.  On researching this we’ve found to our surprise that the state of our tap water is far worsethan even we… could have imagined!

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Our body takes in more toxins when we  shower, than when we drink eight glasses of water…yes shocking isn’t it? Skin can and does absorb water from your bathing and showering.

is tap water healthy for you…

Everyone loves to take a hot shower when it’s cold outside. So you should be aware that the steam from your hot shower and bath turns the chemicals in your water into a cloud of poisonous gasses. When you inhale, or your skin absorbs these gasses, which can negatively affect your overall health.

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The easiest way to counteract this, is to buy a shower filter. This simple device will help to detoxify your bathing water while  softening and smoothing your skin by removing most of the toxins in the water.

is tap water healthy for you…

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 beauty-withou-tthe-beastDetoxify Your Bathing Water

It’s sad to say that tap water in the west is full of chlorine and chlorine by-products. Did you know that chlorine also damages  your arteries? Some countries still mandate that tap water must also contain fluoride!  So it’s not surprising the question, “is your tap water  healthy for you” is the one on everyone’s lips!

Fluoride  one of the mostnoxious  disease causing agents you can ingest!

Although the majority of Western Europe has stopped adding fluoride to the tap water some countries including America and England… have not!

Did you also know that fluoride which is routinely added to our tap water, is  also one of the main ingredients that makes up rat poison?  If fluoride  is being added to our tap water should we still be asking the question ” is tap water healthy for you” ? Or should we be doing something about educating ourselves to the dangers to our health caused by drinking tap water?

is tap water healthy for you…

Fluoride…more dangerous than lead!

so an overdose can result in severe toxic conditions!  The Poison Control centres regularly have reported cases of people who have ingested too much fluoride.

The earth is made up of roughly three fourths of a wonderful liquid called water.  Three fourths of water also makes up our body. What does this tell us? Well not only is water the essential element making up our physical existence, but it is also essential to the continued existence of all life on earth! So it’s no wonder that people are so concerned about the state of  their drinking water.  If you are amongst the millions of people who are  asking the question “is tap water healthy for you then read on… you may be shocked at the  facts we’ve managed to uncover during our research . So If you are looking for more super inf and great beauty remedies check out  Cherie benjamin’s  fun read “Beauty Without The Beast”.

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