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homemade bath salts with epsom salts

homemade bath salts with epsom salts

homemade bath salts with epsom salt Video

Relaxing And Energizing Energizing Recipes For
homemade  bath salts epsom salts

homemade  bath salts epsom salts

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 homemade bath salts epsom salts:

Our bath is not just the place where we clean ourselves. It is also where many of us relax. And one of the best ways to relax is to take a warm bath with  our homemade bath salts epsom salts recipe .


homemade  bath salts epsom salts

If  however, you want to guaranteed a soothing, healthful bath use homemade bath salts epsom salts.  when you create you own  homemade bath salts epsom salts  you’re sure of a natural, healing bath.  this way no harmful ingredients can crept into the water causing problems with your skin or body. One of the best things you can do is to create a bath with your own homemade bath salts epsom salts remedy from our recipe.

This will not only help enhance your skin, but it will also create a soothing and uplifting feeling of calm and relaxation that is  also helpful to your mind.

Creating your own beauty remedies like homemade bath salts with epsom salts, lets you know that you are taking better care of your body.  By choosing to make your own natural bath salts with recipes like ours, means you’re not using the chemicals that can be found in store bought bath salts. Additionally, you know that your blend is fresh, and that it hasn’t sat for who knows how long, on some shelf somewhere.

And when you create your own  homemade bath salts epsom salts, you naturally learn about the different essential oils and products that can help you better care for your body, both in and out of the bath.

Simple Ingredients To Make Your Own
homemade bath salts epsom Salts

Essential Oils

One of the main ingredients in homemade bath salts epsom salts, is a great essential oil. There are a variety of pure essential oils that serve various purposes. There is no need to add more than a few drops to your bath salts, as all oils are rather potent. Allowing your body to relax is part of taking proper care of your body.

Soothing relaxation helps the nervous system. It also has many other health benefits as well. These include stress reduction and the control of stress-related conditions like acid reflux. The bath is a perfect time to do this,  many people even bring books with them to help them relax during bath time. The right essential oils can contribute to this.


Or you might select oils for the way they smell. You can choose a scent that you like best from among oils like lavender, rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile, and myrrh, all considered soothing. Do not ingest oils orally, and avoid marjoram during pregnancy.

Check with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, to find out what other oils should be avoided during pregnancy!

It is also important that your body feel energized and uplifted. This contributes to mental health and wellbeing as well. It is very difficult to take proper care of the body when the mind is unhappy or stressed. Some of the essential oils in your homemade bath salts epsom salts that can help you are eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, and lemon oil. adding  eucalyptus  to your homemade bath salts epsom salts, can also help your body fight cold symptoms. eucalyptus oil   reduces congestion in the chest and lungs.

Natural Dead Sea Salts


Using Dead Sea salt in your home made bath salts epsom salts is a brilliant way to smooth the skin and invigorate the skin cells. Dead Sea  Salt has more minerals than ordinary sea salt and has numerous therapeutic traitsThis wonderful Sea salt is famous for relieving many who suffer from  a variety of skin conditions and has become legendary as a major choice to outdated choices for skin disorders.


Dead Sea salt has been shown to be successful in dealing with painful conditions like balneotherapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis.


Immersing in a relaxing bath with bath salts containing these minerals are absorbed while soaking. It also stimulates  our blood circulation.


The National Psoriasis Foundation endorses  Dead Sea Salts as valuable treatments for psoriasis,  A study found that the elevated concentration of magnesium in Dead Sea Salt was influential in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation.

The cleansing and detoxifying actions of Dead Sea salt are partly due to is high concentration of bromide and magnesium. These properties have been found to relieve allergic reactions.

We can also benefit from  up a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling on the skin which is a welcome addition any day of the week!


Epsom Salts.

Traditionally Epsom  salts is  used  in baths  and foot baths,  it has  also been used  to soothe sore feet. The salt is known to increase ionic strength and  prevents some of the temporary skin wrinkling which is caused by long soaks  in  water. Epsom salts can also be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation. It is even  found in bottled mineral water.
Soaking in a warm  homemade bath salts epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) can be beneficial to soothe, relax, and relieve herpes outbreak symptoms, such as itching and lesions relating to genital herpes and shingles. Epsom salt  is also sold as a gel to rub on your skin  to relieve aches and pains.


Almond Oil

Because The skin is the largest organ in the body, and taking care of it is of our primary concern, the oils that are mainly good at softening the skin are Almond oil and olive oil .

Use this oil to dilute your essential oils before adding it to the  bath salts.  Do this  if the essential oils are too strong for your skin, or if you’re making  bath salts for children. These are both excellent skin care choices.Almond oil has almost no smell to it, so it does not conflict with any oil you add for scenting purposes.


Red Cosmetic Colour


These colours add an exciting look to your bath salts. All of these colours have been developed for use in homemade cosmetics and soaps.  They are highly concentrated so alittle goes a long way. Just add water to dilute and you can create a host of colour. They are very inexpensive but add a touch of colour to both your bath and your bathroom.

Blue Cosmetic Colour

Bath dyes are formulated specifically to work in all bath and toiletry products. They are stable in  both low and high ph environments. They can be used in cold process soap making, lotions, smelly jellies, creams and gel products.

These dyes can be used by the drop or by mixing them with water to give you flexibility.


PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate which is a light weight and recyclable material that has a certain amount of impact resistance.

These jars are durable and better quality which are now used for lots of products instead of glass or standard plastic for weight, quality and safety reasons. These plastic jars are fantastic to use for  your  bath salts. These are available in store at Amazon UK


Making Your  homemade bath Salts epsom salts.

When you’ve gathered all your ingredients, it’s time to make your fantastic bath salts. Use a clean large spoon or scoop to add them to your jar (remember to keep this spoon or scoops for your cosmetic preparations only). Use around two cups of Dead Sea salts and one cup of Epsom salts.

Add two to three drops of essential oil, if you’re combining different oils then add no more than four drops in total.  Remember that pure essential oils are very potent and can irritate sensitive skin! You can dilute your essential oils beforehand. Almond oil has almost no smell to it, so it does not conflict with any oil you add for scenting purposes.

Next add your colour. If you want a light pink blue just dilute your colours with water until you get it the way you like. Don’t forget you can combine the colours to make a beautiful lilac! You can also layer your colours salts in the jar for a stunning look.

Stir the ingredients together until all the colour, salts and essential oils have mixed. I also give the bottle a shake to make sure there’re no clumps.

When you’ve finished it’s time to relax and enjoy your well-earned bath!

Now you know how to create your own bath salts, you can make one for relaxing and one for energizing. It’s great to know you’ve got more than one to choose from!

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