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dry skin beauty tips

dry skin beauty tips

When dry skin changes from the occasional seasonal  breakout to a prolonged or permanent condition, it’s  time to look at the underlying cause. This means we have to stop blaming everyone from the latest fads to the cosmetic manufactures who are always ready to feed our fragile egos!

Teen acne can crop up because of hormonal changes. After puberty men skin and beauty (yes guys can be beautiful), can also be affected by hormonal imbalance or change.

Improve your diet by increasing your intake of these vitamins. Either by taking supplements or you can also add more whole grains, potatoes, bananas, and lentils to your diet.

Your minimum intake of green leaves should include at least one salad a day, with a variety of vegetables fresh or frozen. Make sure you wash them thoroughly with distilled  water after you defrost them!

I found that eating raw spinach tastes great in my salad-better than the cooked version. Even my children have stopped frowning when it’s on the table, (remember Popeye the sailor)! For us girls the muscles may or may not be an asset but well… you get the picture, more firm less flab! For guys a pac is definitely the way to go![divider_line]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line]

Don’t Forget  Your Daily Natural Natural Supplements

Natural Supplements

Daily Natural Supplements

Hormonal changes influence the way your skin reacts. Major changes in development from puberty to menopause, can have an enormous effect on the condition and appearance of your skin. The onset of periods and pregnancy can cause your skin to change. Even on days leading up to your menstrual cycle you might find your normal or combination skin becoming dry.

What’s happing inside usually mirrors your skin outside. The best vitamins for excessive dryness are A, B vitamins, vitamin C and linoleic acid.  An inadequate diet or one lacking these vitamins can cause your skin to flake out leaving it fragile and dry as an autumn leaf![divider_bar]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_bar]

The #1 of our dry skin beauty tips Is Hydrate 

 two distilled glasses of water

Two Glasses Of Distilled Water

The earth is made up of roughly three fourths of a wonderful liquid called water.  Three fourths of water also makes up our body. Is the Creator trying to tell us something?

Let your first drink be at least one mug of pure distilled preferably warm water. Repeat the process before you go to bed. It will possibly make you feel a little queasy at first. Don’t worry, the queasy feeling is an indication of all the toxins  the water is helping to jettison.  Drinking warm water before you go to bed and in the morning works like the flushing of a cistern… your internal bath if you like, it cleans out your system!

Just look at the difference a supply of water makes to a wilted flower, or a dying plant! Notice how quickly and fully it recovers. Water  fuels all the other life-sustaining parts. This is the same for your body.

A word of warning or caveat, drinking tap or even boiled water is a no- no!   It’s distilled water all the way if you live in the west or do not have access to pure clean non fluoride tainted water!

The #2 of our dry skin beauty tips Blend

Banana Smoothie

Coco and Banana Smoothie Yum!

Get yourself a liquidiser and indulge in fruit or vegetable smoothies. These make great breakfasts and energy boosters and are a delicious part of your skin care routine.

Here’s a quick smoothie pick-me-up that’s great on the taste buds and high on energy. Boil half a pint of water and let it cool. Brake two to three bananas in to a liquidiser, add two to three cups of the warm water and blend. Add a drop of vanilla essence and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Bananas contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium. Because bananas are rich in vitamin B6 they are credited with lessening the effects of ageing, boosting the immune system, improving memory and reducing the risks of cancer.

The #3 of our dry skin beauty tips Is Oily Fish

avocado sandwich

avocado sandwich to go

Oils in fish are great for the skin, they also thin the blood, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Dr. Joel Kremer, at Albany Medical College in New York, discovered that daily supplements of fish oil brought dramatic relief to the inflammation and stiff joints of rheumatoid arthritis.

Why not try Sandwiches – food that’s good to go-Filled with avocados,  or other oily fish, they are simple and great for dry skin.

Homemade are always best…let’s face it you know what’s in it, how fresh it is and how clean your hands were when you made them! Add some peppers, lattice, and tomatoes for a delicious vitamin packed take anywhere lunch.

The #4 of our dry skin beauty tips Is Exfoliate 

dry skin beauty remedies

dry skin beauty remedies Exfoliate

Even delicate dry skin needs deep cleansing to prevent spots, blackheads or whiteheads. To give your skin a soft supple texture deep cleanse once a month. Exfoliate using steam with an essential oil rather than scrubs or clay masks.

If you don’t have an electric facial steamer, use a large bowl. Add a few drops of rose, jasmine or marigold essential oil.

Only use cleansers that are pure and gentle. Avoid soaps made with Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) detergents. or mineral oil.

The #5 of our dry skin beauty tips Is Cool Down

Water, water everywhere – try distilling it before washing delicate dry skin. This  applies  especially if you live in a hard water area. Use distilled water or add a purifying system  to your tap water.

Let it cool before using it to wash your face or the dry skin area. Short showers in tepid or warm water prevents your skin from drying out too much.

The #6 of our dry skin beauty tips Is Moisturise 

dry skin beauty remedies

olive oil beauty remedies

Moisturising is very important with dry skin. You should keep dry skin hydrated and moisturised by using natural or organic creams like vitamin E or evening primrose.

Use pure oils like olive oil to moisturise, remember most store bought baby oils are made from mineral oil- that  is oil made from stone!



The #7 of our dry skin beauty tips Is Alcohol Free Toner

 camomile Toner

camomile Toner

Stay away from toners that have alcohol! Dry skin is susceptible to cracking and where there are continued cracks, wrinkles easily form.

Don’t dry out your delicate skin by using harsh drying alcohol based toners! I find that floral waters are pure and gentle enough to do the job. Remember to tone before you moisturise thoroughly!


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