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chamomile toner

chamomile toner
Make Your Own Chamomile Toner in Easy Steps

Making your own chamomile toner is the natural way of looking beautiful. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!  Our free beauty remedies, skin care tips, secrets, articles and advice comes to you with an emphasis on the healthier, natural homemade approach to beauty skin care.



We bring you best beauty remedies and advice from both personal and professional skin care buffs who carefully review our beauty skin care selections so we can pass that information on to you.

Our motto is ” if you’re going to use additives, make them natural, herbal, organic”. Be proactive! Only add what you want in your product!  Don’t forget most of the price is in the packaging! Yes that beautiful bottle, box and bag, all costs. So why not use the money you’d spend on expensive packaging, on buying the best ingredients instead?

As an added plus  after you make your chamomile toner,  you can buy beautiful jars boxes and packaging that are as individual as your homemade preparations.

We’ve made it easy for you just click on the links or pictures and you can check out some of our favourite designer jars bottles and travel packs.

Don’t let the tabloids or media, convince you that  making your own chamomile toner is difficult. Or that beauty is costly or complex. Here at beautonex we’ll show you how to make your own beauty remedies, homemade chamomile cleanser and handmade cosmetics for a fraction of the  store bought designer price.

Get creative with our free beauty remedies, skin tips,recipes, videos, articles, advice, homemade soaps, homemade moisturisers, lotion, homemade acne solutions, shampoos, courses and  books…  they are all here!

The multi-million pound cosmetic industry is in full swing, with promises of every preparation known to man-and then some. They try every trick to get you to pay for overpriced toners that are less effective than your own homemade toner. All you have to do is grab our great  FREE beauty remedies, secret recipes and ingredients-some can be found right in your kitchen and start creatingyour own homemade toners and cosmetics

Forget about those store bought beauty in a bottle, that claim to deliver, by adding ‘natural or herbal’ ingredients. A real herbal product is free of chemicals and preservatives. This would be impossible for the cosmetic industryto achieve,  given that they are made in batches of thousands.

Preservatives are needed to give  skin care  preparations an extended shelf  life. So that ‘natural’ oops, herbal cream, shampoo and toner, isn’t…  so natural after all.

Not to worry, we’ve got the real thing right here just for you!

Chamomile Toner

beauty remedies chamomile toner

Chamomile Toner Ancient Egyptian Beauty Remedies

Ancient Egyptians known for their beauty, dedicated the chamomile or camomile to the gods because of itshealing properties.

Chamomile is truly one of the best herbs for  skin care! I use  them generously in my beauty remedies and homemade cosmetics as it’s also one of my favourites.  This little flower is so versatile, it can be used to cleanse, tone and lighten any dark marks or spots.  It will also give a lovely highlighting effect to hair, as well as a beautiful shine!


beauty remedies -camomile-flower

3 or 4 chamomile flowers,  I prefer the  organic kind.

Teacup or heatproof transparent measuring jug.
75 mils or 1 teacup of  Distilled boiling water.

Heat Resistant Glass Jug.


  1.  Pop the flowers in to the tea cup or jug.
  2. Pour boiling water (be careful it’s hot).
  3. Leave to stand for about 3 minutes or until cool.

Chamomile Toner

Bottle and use; refrigerate the rest; it should keep for around 10 days.


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